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Who we are?

GÖRSENTAM Agricultural Technologies was established in February 2020 with government support. It develops remote sensing and artificial intelligence-based solutions for agricultural businesses and farmers. It has a patented product called agricultural forecast system with pheromone camera (Turkey).


To produce innovative products by integrating the most advanced technology in agricultural technologies with agricultural technical knowledge, to benefit by bringing them to the level that can be reached by all masses and to keep user satisfaction at the highest level by performing them without sacrificing quality.


To raise our countrys agriculture above world standards by increasing the technological awareness and awareness of Turkish farmers, to create an exporter country profile by preventing imports in agricultural technologies, and to be a leading company worldwide by developing new technologies for sustainable agriculture.

"Digitalization in agriculture, artificial intelligence and data-based business models and agricultural information systems should be developed and made available to all segments of the society."
11th Development Plan, Turkey

Team Member

Ziraat Yüksek Mühendisi Mert DEMİREL


Agricultural Engineer MSc
Elk-Elektronik Mühendisi Baki Doğan AKAR


Embedded System Engineer
Mobil Develepor Alper Cem NEDİRLİ


Mobil Developer

Manufacturer Reviews

I can now remotely monitor many lands that I have to control every day by visiting the fields and controlling if there is disease or pest.

Hakkı Sönmez Bandırma, BALIKESİR

We lost a lot of money each year trying different spraying and fertilization programs. Now, I spend the season on time and with the suggestion of fertilizers, with my preparation in advance.

Mustafa Demirel Ödemiş, İZMİR

We have been experiencing a great loss due to the olive moth for years, thanks to GORSENTAM, I increased my 17 kilograms to 30 kilograms in the first year with timely spraying

İrfan Tosun Mudanya, BURSA

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